About Us

Sharing With Others

Growing up in the desert southwest and having pride in my Spanish and Native American heritage has influenced the style and designs of my finished products.

As a child, I would follow my dad to his workshop and watch in amazement as he created, invented, designed, and repaired everything from machines to jewelry. As a result, a love for working with my hands was instilled deep within me.

My mother sold jewelry and gifts from coast to coast for many years, and just recently retired after closing her fabulous boutique that shined above all the others. She taught me how to sell, market, and make an impression.

It’s a joy to make the things I love and share them with others.

Sandra Fay


The Process

Many designs begin with a personal request from a loyal customer. After putting our thoughts together, we come up with a variety of new products, and some turn out to be some of the most popular FayWestDesigns merchandise.
Our hand-forged jewelry begins with cutting, stamping, shaping, texturing, and polishing a flat plate of Silver into a keepsake to be treasured for years to come.